Poisons are not necessary! About Pulcap

Poisons are not necessary! About PULCAP

Pulcap is a unique product, a representation of innovative technology in the control of poultry red mite, Dermanyssus gallinae (de Geer, 1778). Pulcap is based on inert oils, which are used in the form of a water emulsion. It creates a layer with a lasting and highly efficient prolonged effect on nonabsorbent surfaces such as cages and equipment. The prolonged effect is the most challenging, but at the same time the most important and achievable characteristic which an efficient product for control of poultry red mite must have. Apart from an effect to subsequently exposed mites, it also has great efficiency in eliminating mites which are directly exposed during the application of the product. The product does not create chemoresistance, and the correct application minimizes the possibility of adaptation in terms of the mites’ behavior. In time, the product and control measures will not lose efficiency (as has been the case with other products), but rather, with the correct application will improve the conditions of production and annually decrease costs until they are eventually completely eliminated.

With its characteristics, and possibility of technological application, Pulcap has removed several shortcomings and has created a new perspective of physical control of poultry red mite. In this way, it has also eliminated the greatest safety risk, the need to use poisons (synthetic neurotoxic compounds- acaricides, insecticides) in the production of eggs.

The product is not without its limitations. However, if applied correctly (professionally), Pulcap ensures a highly efficient suppression, and if the procedure is optimized, also the eradication or poultry red mite from production facilities.

The use of Pulcap has its place in establishing biosecurity measures on farms. It can be successfully applied for the treatment of transport cages, after cleaning, washing and disinfection and before contact with the new flock. Also, it can be used for the treatmenet of second-hand cages and equipment, before the new flock is housed.

We are at your disposal to make an optimal approach according to your needs and specific conditions.