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Pulcap Application

The successful control of poultry red mite depends on the appropriate choice of product, but also its correct application.
We can prove that the choice of the product is a good one, and insist on your attention in order to ensure that its application adheres to general principles, but also that it is adapted adequately to the requirements of a specific situation.
We are at your disposal for professional consulting and services of machine application of the product by our professional team.

  1. Hygienic conditions
  2. Preparation of the working emulsion
  3. Application of the working emulsion
  4. Layer, effect
  5. Prepared production facility
  6. Housed prepared facility
  7. Note



The effect of the product is achieved through physical contact, and for it to exhibit its complete potential, it is necessary to ensure the hygienic preparation of the environment. After detailed cleaning and washing, it is necessary to disinfect the facility. After disinfection and drying of the environment, Pulcap can be applied.

a) Washing

Before the product is applied, it is necessary to completely remove filth from the cages, equipment, floors and walls. An empty facility is first cleaned, then washed.

b) Degreasing

A repeated use of different products inside the animal farm environment, can leave persistent grease deposits . If after cleaning and detailed washing, there is still greasy filth residues ,they have to be removed. Else, after Pulcap is applied, there will be no formation of a sufficiently efficient layer with a lasting effect. Persistent grease can be successfully removed with the product Kenosan (direction for use included below), Nutrivet d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia. This product softens grease and then removes it through water rinsing under pressure (puromate)


c) SiO2

If earlier attempts at controlling poultry red mite included treatments with SiO2 formulations, especially liquid ones, they must be removed during the washing of the facility. Else, after Pulcap is applied there will be no formation of a sufficiently efficient layer with a lasting prolonged effect, as the SiO2 formulations will absorb it.

2 Preparation  of the working emulsion

The optimal use of Pulcap in the preparation of production facilities is in the form of a 20% working emulsion. Depending on the conditions, it is also possible to use a smaller concentration (between 10 and 15%)

A smaller quantity of water is poured into a container. The package of Pulcap should be mixed intensively before adding to water. It is then poured into the water with intensive mixing. The product packaging is then filled with water to collect any outstanding quantities of the product. This water is then added to the container, and the mixture is mixed until an even working emulsion is formed.

The so formed working emulsion is ideally applied with devices in which mixining is continuously done. Alternatively, it is necesseary to mix regularly, or to use the mixture immediately (in about 10 minutes)

3 Application of the working emulsion

The application can be done in different models of motor sprayers or air pressure applicators (or another type of gas). The product Pulcap is nonabrasive or corrosive, so these kinds of requirements do not exist. The application is also easy for the staff, as the product is non-toxic. If the applicator has been previously used for a different product, it should be thoroughly cleaned.

The nozzles are adapted for the particular application task, with necessary adaptation of the work itself. All available places on cages and the equipment are treated, as well as the floor and walls. The dosage is used in a surplus.

The application to the floors is repeated, as absorbent surfaces hinder a prolonged effect. For a highly efficient suppression, we recommend a double treatment, and for eradication preparation a triple one.

In case that the application of Pulcap is not done professionally, it is certainly recommended that the application of the product is repeated, as to eliminate the factor of human error.

4 Layer, effect

Protsective layer of Pulcap on cages

The effect of Pulcap on directly exposed D. gallinae

a) Details of the protective layer with prolonged effect

b) Microscopic shots of dead specimens

5 Prepared production facility

6 Prepared and housed production facility

7 note

Pulcap has a strictly physical effect on poultry red mite. Therefore, in order to make use of all the possibilites of Pulcap, the appropriate preparation, systematic application of the appropriate dosage and repeated application on absorbent surfaces (floors, in some cases walls) have to be conducted.

Rust which is present in large extents on cages and equipment has a negative effect on the creation of a residual layer.

In case litter or egg collection belts are slipping, lime or diatomaceous earth ought to be applied on the inner side, to absorb the inert oils from these surfaces.

During flock exploitation, Pulcap which has been applied creates the conditions which require greater efforts for the hygienic maintenance of the farm.

Facility rest period, when temperature conditions allow mite activity, increases and optimizes the efficacy of Pulcap. The expected suppression period with a facility rest period of 14 days, is about a year, and with facility rest period of 30 days, it is possible to completely eliminate D. gallinae from production facilities